I can use all the common formats. Here's a rundown with some tips.

Contact me first by phone or email, so I know where I'm heading with a project.

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AIFF, BWF, or WAV files:

I can deal with any of the usual formats (44.1k up to 96k, 16 or 24 bit).
If you mixed back into your workstation, just give me the stereo files,
they don't need to be 44.1k or 16 bit (they'll end up that way on the CD)
in fact it'll be best not to change them from the original format
NB there are a few workstations that can save proprietory 32bit files, I can't read them.
Similarly, don't send me compressed WAV formats, often I can't unscramble them.
Don't send MP3s, WMAs or AACs, they sound cr*p & you'll be wasting your money.

Post them to me on a disc (CDR or DVDR):

12 Queens Rd
Barnet Herts EN5 4DG

Or you can use an FTP service (to andy@tubemastering.com):
www.sendspace.com and www.yousendit.com both work well.
Sendspace has a bigger file size limit, is easy to use & they
have a neat "wizard" application if you do frequent transfers.
I used to advise people to zip the files as it provides an error checker.
However, having done some listening tests, like so many things to do with
digital, in theory it should make no difference but in practice it does.
So don't zip them

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Audio CD:

CD is only 16bit, so if you had 24bit files to start with, the files are preferable.

Rather less likely but you never know....

Tube Mastering - gear


Try to have start IDs on all the songs. BACK IT UP BEFOREHAND. Unfortunately DAT tapes do very occasionally get chewed. It never was intended as a professional format!
Tube Mastering - gear

Other formats:

Phone me. We can always sort something out.

Tube Mastering - gear I've equipped my room with the best sounding equipment I can find and put it all in an excellent acoustic environment with superb sounding cables and the like. It's very tempting to try a master yourself, but maybe it would be wiser to give me the mix how it was before you made it 'better'! particularly in terms of limiting, don't worry about trying to make your mix as loud as the CD of somebody you want to sound like, that's definitely best left to mastering. See the "loud" section of this site for more on this.