Andy Jackson-Mastering Engineer

CD mastering with twice
Grammy nominated engineer
Andy Jackson.

Andy has been Pink Floyd's engineer for 30 years. "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason" & "The Division Bell" were both nominated for "Best Engineered Album" Grammies. "The Division Bell" won "Best Recording Quality" at The British Hi-Fi Awards & Andy won the 'Mix' award for best live sound on the "Pulse" tour.

Tube Mastering is the result of many years' striving for the best possible sound. At David's Astoria Studio, we tested everything from cables and connectors, to conditioning the mains power. At Tube I use the best of these tweaks, which is pretty unusual in the recording industry, it's in the Hi-Fi world that you find these things.

I've used gear from a couple of fantastic designers I know, Tim de Paravaccini's E.A.R. EQ & compressor, which are based on classic valve pieces, but with Tim's obsessive attention to detail (he even hand winds his own transformers); and Leif Mases's Maselec EQ & limiter, which are just the best of the solid state stuff, very transparent. It's all joined together with some horribly expensive cable (you could buy a car for the price of a few metres of the silver stuff!).

Finally, you get the benefit of 35 years experience, I think I've got the hang of how a record should sound.

Tube Mastering's goal is simple, to give you the best possible masters.