Names of songs as they appear on your computer are generated by an online database run by Gracenote (formerly CDDB). There is no facility to have the names embedded on the CD,
the format doesn't support that.

It works by comparing the length of the audio & the number
of songs with their database of existing songs.

In all probability, when you put the CD you got from me
into your computer, it will either name the song
(something that isn't your song) or come up with a list of
suggestions of what it might be.

You can change it to be the correct details.

Open the iTunes application & put in your CD.

Highlight each track on the CD in turn & "get info" (command I)

Click on the "info" tab.

Fill in the appropriate details for the song.
It will need include an album title (make one up if needs be) and a genre
(original & un-classifiable is not a genre unfortunately).

Press "OK"

When you've done them all, highlight the CD icon & under the "advanced" menu click "submit CD names".

You may need to restart your computer to get it to re-address the database for the corrected titles