Rates for unattended sessions.

I charge £60 per song.

If you have an unusual project, e.g.. 50 songs lasting only one minute each, or a concept album
with only one song lasting 65 minutes, then we can work out something equitable.

This price includes:

A DDPi master through the internet or on disc*
24 bit WAV files (internet or disc*)
16 bit WAV files (internet or disc*)

If you want CDs (an error checked master CD* for manufacture or reference CDs* (listening copies),
there's a charge for time, £15 for preparation (charged once) then £1 per song for each disc

*CDs/ data discs: £1 each

UK: £1
Europe: £4
Rest of world: £5
This is for regular post, if you want tracked or special services this will be at cost

Extra versions of the same song (radio edits, backing tracks etc)
provided they are otherwise the same mix (ie. can be run off with the same settings as the main version)
done at the same time as main version: £10
done later (as a recall): £20
If it gets any more complex than that then it'll have to be charged by time.

Any other bits & pieces that take me extra time, I may have to charge a little extra for. It will be pro rata for my time, and will be discussed with you in advance. There won't be any nasty surprises, I try to keep things fair for everybody (but everybody includes me!).

VAT at the prevailing rate (20% currently) will be charged to customers based in the EU.

Payment will need to received before I can release anything.
You can pay by cheque, BACS, credit card, or Paypal. I'll give you an invoice which has all the details.
Credit card & Paypal will have a small additional cost, 5%, as I pay a lot of charges on these.
Bank transfers from outside the UK will have bank charges, please ensure that they're charged to the sender.

For legal purposes I need to say that I reserve the right to vary prices & terms, this is not a binding offer..

To pay by Paypal
or credit card,
click the button.